Welcome to Hi Mamma

How Hi Mamma Began

Over the past several of months I have been making one-up tshirts for clients, company tshirts for small business, as well as, customized tshirts for groups/schools, etc. All shirts are heat pressed. 

The name (Hi Mamma) began when our daughters were younger and they would play in the backyard on the swing set, in their rooms…crafting in the sunroom. I would check on them and they would say “hi mamma” to let me know everything was good.

Over time, the theme of Hi Mamma evolved and we would do crafting/art tutorials for PBS and other family oriented blogs, and the girls would help me with the tutorials. The logo of Hi Mamma is the original logo we started out with that was designed by a friend who worked for a national greeting card company at the time. 

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by Hi Mamma.